Zulusky Spanish Water Dogs | The Breed
The UKs only fully-licensed breeder of Spanish Water Dogs. This is a playful, lively breed which is both active and intelligent. Water Dogs are great to train and enjoy both agility and obedience.
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The Breed

In their native country S.W.D are used for herding, helping fishermen with their catches and dragging small boats ashore.

The breed has a thick woolly coat that if left to grow will form cords, but unless you have the time to spend on keeping the cords in good condition it is best to clip the dog twice a year.

Spanish Water Dogs are very active and intelligent and they thrive on pleasing their new family. Early socialisation is a must with a new puppy and I always recommend taking pups to basic obedience classes.

As the name implies, Spanish Water Dogs like nothing better than to splash about in any water they can find and the more time they spend swimming the better their coats grow. Many people who do not live close to the sea or other suitable areas install swimming pools in their back gardens for the enjoyment of their dogs.

These dogs have the added bonus that the coat doesn’t shed making them much in demand with people who have allergies